A community collaborative focusing on the care, development and education of our future leaders.

History print

The Child Care Committee of York Region has done a tremendous job servicing the child care community for many years. Over time, many changes have occurred in the policy direction, funding and delivery of services for early learning and childcare. In October, 2009, the Child Care Committee and the Prenatal-6 Subcommittee began to align their work and explore options for joining together as a single body.

Child & Family Collaborative (CFC) was established by and for the community of professionals in York Region who provide early development and child care services to children aged prenatal to twelve. Committed to principles of prevention and education, CFC creates proactive opportunities for professional development, life-long learning, research, early intervention and investment in the early years – all aimed at improving early development and child care services for children aged prenatal to twelve and their families in York.