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There are a wide range of services available to support families of children with special needs. Parents who have concerns about any area of their child’s development can access these supports by calling:

(905) 830-9487 or toll free 1-888-703-KIDS (5437)

Infants and Pre-schoolers with Special Needs

Supports to infants and pre-school children with special needs and their families are available through Early Intervention Services (EIS) of York Region. Services include: child screening and assessment, intervention programming, parent education and support, referral to specialized services and service coordination. These services may be provided in EIS offices, the home, Child Care Centres, Family Resource Centre Programs or other community settings. Parents may access these services by calling the central intake line at 1-888-703-KIDS (5437).

Children aged birth to 4-years-11-months who are experiencing speech and language delays may receive group or individual speech-language therapy from the Pre-school Speech and Language Program. This program is administered by Markham Souffville Hospital and co-located with Early Intervention Services. These services may be accessed by calling the central intake line at 1-888-703-KIDS (5437).

Children 5-years-old and under with moderate to severe autism spectrum disorders may receive direct individual services through York Central Hospital, Behaviour Management Services. These services focus on the use of Intensive Behavioural Intervention techniques and may be delivered in the home or in community settings. These services may be accessed by calling (905) 773-2362.

School-age Children with Special Needs

Parents of school-age children should speak to their school principal to access services available through the Special Education Department of the Board of Education. School-age children with development delays can be supported through the York Support Services Network (905) 898-6455 and the Associations for Community Living (ACL) at: the Newmarket and District ACL (905) 898-3600, the Georgina ACL (905) 984-9110 and the York South ACL (905) 722-8947.

Children with Special Needs

Parents of children with social, emotional or behavioural needs may contact Children’s Mental Health Programs or Children’s Mental Health Services. They provide services to children from newborn to under the age of 10 and their families. Services include children’s treatment groups covering issues such as anger management, making friends, and self esteem.

Home care and intervention programs support families with behaviour management issues. Day and residential programs support children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Children’s Mental Health Centres work to prevent, consult and educate through parenting groups, workshops and providing resource information. For more information on support and services available, you can call:

Blue Hills (905) 773-4323, ext. 326
Kinark (905) 898-4572
Behaviour Management Services (905) 773-2362
York Centre for Children (905) 887-5896