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Financial Assistance print

If you require financial assistance (Child Care Fee Assistance) with your child care costs, call Child Care Services (OR Family and Children’s Services), Community Services and Housing Department, The Regional Municipality of York.

1-888-703 KIDS (5437) (905)-830-9487 (in Newmarket)

Application for child care fee assistance will be accepted by phone. There is a waitlist for Child Care Fee Assistance.

Who is Eligible to Receive Fee Assistance?


Eligibility is determined using an income test developed by the Province of Ontario. All Municipalities must use this test to assess eligibility for childcare fee assistance.

Families have to meet all of the following criteria to be eligible:

  • They live in York Region
  • The children are ten years old or younger (up to 12 in exceptional circumstances)
  • The family has an assessed financial need (this is determined at the intake interview)
  • All family members file their Income Tax Return every year
  • Parents cannot care for their children during the day because they are either:
    • Employed
    • Enrolled in an educational or training program
    • In a situation where there is a major risk to the health, safety or well-being of a family member

Translation and interpretation services are available.

Visit us on our web site: York Region Fee Assistance