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Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee


Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee

 Terms of Reference

September 2014 – June 2016


To promote positive environments and experiences that support and nurture all children and their families. To provide professionals involved in the care and education of young children with resources and information that enhance quality and support inclusion.


  • To raise awareness of quality and inclusion issues influencing the care and education of all children.
  • To promote and enhance professional practice as it relates to quality and the successful inclusion of all children.
  • To collect and disseminate information about tools for assessing and maintaining quality and to support inclusion.
  • To support the child care community in developing effective networks.
  • To develop outreach strategies to ensure all early learning and care programs are provided with opportunities to engage and participate in professional development and networking.


Membership of the Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee could include but not be limited to:

A.E.C.E.O. York Branch, Y.R.D.S.B., Y.C.D.S.B., Supervisor’s Association, R.E.C.E. Community, The Regional Municipality of York – Child Care Services, E.I.S, Health Services, CTN, Children’s Mental Health, Seneca College E.C.E. Faculty and Multi-service agencies

The membership is expected to support the work of the Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee and the Child & Family Collaborative

Members must demonstrate their interest in the work of this subcommittee through their willingness to actively participate in the committee and/or task force work.

If a member is unable to regularly attend meetings or resigns, the Chair will approach the organization/agency requesting that a replacement be appointed.

Organizational Structure:

The Co-chairs will manage the operations of the subcommittee, which includes managing the correspondence and representing the subcommittee in the community.

The term of office for the subcommittee executive is two years. In order to ensure consistency in the work of the subcommittee, members will be asked to make a two year commitment.

Each member will carry one vote and a quorum will consist of 51% of membership.

Minute taker will be appointed on a monthly basis.


The Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee is accountable to the Child & Family Collaborative through the Terms of Reference and the annual Work plan. After the review of these documents, the subcommittee will submit them to the Child & Family Collaborative for approval.

The Chair or designate will sit as a member of the Child & Family Collaborative and is expected to keep the Collaborative informed of the work of the subcommittee and any issues or concerns that arise.

Minutes of meetings will be retained in the subcommittee binder and on disk by the chair/secretary.

The membership is accountable to the agencies/organizations that they represent the subcommittee and the child care community of York Region.

Frequency of Meetings:

The Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee will meet a minimum of 6 times annually, more often if necessary to meet its objectives.


Members of the Quality Assurance & Accessibility Subcommittee are responsible for the orientation and training of new members. Orientation will address this subcommittee’s link to the Child & family Collaborative as well as the subcommittee’s mandate, goals, objectives, operational and organizational structure, and finances.

Terms of Reference will be reviewed every two years, or as required.

All committee members are aware that QASC minutes will be posted on the Child & Family Collaborative website.

(Approved: October 8, 2014)