A community collaborative focusing on the care, development and education of our future leaders.

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March 2011

Purpose:   To perform key operational functions of the Child & Family Collaborative as they pertain to coordinating and/or communicating the activities of the C&FC to the community at large.


  • To coordinate the delivery of professional development activities throughout the Region
  • To maintain a visual presentation for the C&FC
  • To maintain the C&FC website on a regular basis
  • To monitor the website.
  • To report to the C&FC on the activity on the website
  • To market the C&FC care professionals and community agencies.

Membership:  Membership on the Communications Subcommittee will consist of community members able to accept responsibility for the key functions of the C&FC including:

  • 1 or more representatives for the maintenance of the website
  • 1 or more representatives for the coordination of the  Collaborative’s professional development activities
  • 1 or more representatives with marketing expertise
  • 1 representative from York Region, Family & Children’s Services.
  • Others as identified throughout the implementation of the annual work plan

Each member must demonstrate an interest in service on the Communications Subcommittee and be cognizant of the duties and time commitment involved.  Members must be willing and able to undertake active participation in committee and/or its work

Organizational Structure:  The Communications Subcommittee will elect a chair from its membership.  The term of office will be a minimum of two years.

The Chair of the Communications Subcommittee will be responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of the meeting to the members.  Minutes must be approved by a committee vote and will include attendance.

Minutes of the meetings will be retained in the Subcommittee Binder and posted on the C&FC website.

Reporting Structure:  The Communications Subcommittee is accountable to the C&FC working through the Terms of Reference and the Work Plan.  After the annual review of these documents, the Chair of the subcommittee will sit as a member of the C&FC and its Executive Committee and will keep them informed of its operations of the Subcommittee

All recommendations of the Subcommittee will go forward to the Child Care Committee for approval.  Once approved, the recommendations will be addressed as appropriate.

The Communications Subcommittee representatives are responsible for ensuring that there is an ongoing flow of information between this Subcommittee and the community that they represent.

Frequency of Meetings: The Communications Subcommittee will meet quarterly or as often as is required to meet the objectives.

Orientation: Members of the Communications Subcommittee are responsible for the orientation and training of new members.  Orientation will address this group’s link to the C&FC as well as the mandate, goals, and objectives, operational and organizational structure, finances, and broader child care issues as they relate to the group’s operations.

Terms of Reference to be reviewed every two years or as required.

Note: Participation on the C&FC or the Communication Subcommittee may result in names being available on the website and the internet.

Approved March 23, 2011