A community collaborative focusing on the care, development and education of our future leaders.

Terms of Reference print

Terms of Reference

March 2012


1.  Preamble

Child and Family Collaborative (C&FC) was established by and for the community of professionals in York Region who provide early development and child care services to children aged prenatal to twelve.  Committed to principles of prevention and education, C&FC creates proactive opportunities for professional development, life-long learning, research, early intervention and  investment in the early years – all aimed at improving early development and child care services for children aged prenatal to twelve and their families in York

 2.   Scope

C&FC creates opportunities for cross-sectoral collaborative planning.  Its scope includes children aged prenatal to twelve years who are receiving care from charitable, non-profit, commercial, school board or government service providers in York Region.

 3.  Goals

The goals of C&FC are:

  1. To provide leadership to professionals in the early development and child care community to support families and parents of prenatal  to twelve year olds in York Region ;
  2. To provide an infrastructure and mechanisms for bringing individuals, groups and organizations together to support a strong, inclusive and resilient early development  and child care system in York Region;
  3. To develop capacity in the broader community to provide quality environments for all children and their families within a system that is responsive to diversity in York Region;
  4. To advocate for quality early development and child care opportunities  for all children and their families in York Region;
  5. To liaise with and provide advice to funders and policy-makers within the Ministries of Children and Youth Services (MCYS),Community and Social Services ( MCSS), Education (MEDU), Health and Long-term Care (MHLTC), and Health Promotion (MHP),
  6. To collaborate with regional and municipal governments and school boards.

  4.  Linkages

C&FC maintains linkages to other planning tables and networks that share intersecting points of interest. Specific linkages include:



  1. The Best Start Network:

     §  To ensure C&FC policy and program direction is in alignment with Best Start Network guidelines;

     §  To act as an advisory to the local Best Start Network.

 The York Region Planning Forum on Children Youth and Families (Forum):

     §  To ensure C&FC policy and programs decisions are complementary to the efforts of the broader community of child, youth and family support providers in York Region;

     §  To ensure C&FC advocacy positions are in alignment with those of the YRPF.

     §  C&FC is a constellation of the Forum

 Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, York  Branch (AECEO):

     §  To align with and support the vision and goals of AECEO, York Branch.

  1. Supervisor’s Association:

     §  To align with and support the vision and goals of the Supervisor’s Association.

  1. Enhanced Funding:

     §  To assist and support the objectives of the Enhanced Funding program.

  1. Triple P Implementation Steering Committee:

     §  To align with and support the vision and goals of the Triple P Implementation Steering Committee.

 5.  Leadership

A Chairs Committee will provide strategic oversight, set meeting agendas and manage operational and administrative tasks on behalf of the membership of C&FC, functioning in a manner similar to an executive or steering committee.   The Chairs Committee will be supported by a note-taker and notices of agendas and minutes will be archived on the C&FC website.

 The Chairs Committee will be co-chaired; the co-chairs serving for a term of two years that may be renewed at the discretion of the membership. The membership of the Chairs

 Committee will be comprised of:

     §     Co-chairs;

     §     Treasurer;

     §     Chair of each standing subcommittee (7 -9 people); and

     §     A representative from applicable planning tables.

 In addition to its responsibilities for managing the operational and administrative tasks of C&FC, the Chairs Committee will assume responsibility for mentoring new leaders and succession planning for upcoming leaders.


6.  Subcommittees and Task Groups

Subcommittees will be maintained and established to provide leadership and manage operational tasks for specific projects, issues or tasks.  The subcommittees will be clustered into one of five streams:

   §   Professional Development;

   §   Early Identification and Intervention;

   §   Quality Programs for All;

   §   Communication and Marketing; and

   §   Research and Advocacy.

 In addition to subcommittees, task groups may be established from time to time to focus the membership’s efforts on a particular purpose and in order to achieve a short-term goal.

 7.  Meetings

Meetings of C&FC will be well-planned and minutes posted on the website in a timely manner. The following guidelines will be used for meetings:

   §   The Chairs Committee will meet monthly as required.

   §   The full membership of C&FC will meet at least five times a year (i.e. every two months) to network, participate in professional development, share updates and endorse  actions of subcommittees, where appropriate.

   §   Subcommittees will meet on a regular schedule as determined by the chair and members of the subcommittee.


Members of C&FC will provide in-kind assistance, to the best of their ability, for meeting space in locations that are convenient to the membership of C&FC and its subcommittees.  


8.  Membership

C&FC maintains an open membership policy.  Membership includes, but is not limited, to representatives and individuals from the following:

   §   Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, York (AECEO)

   §   Blind-Low Vision Program

   §   Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) Rose of Sharon

   §   Catholic Community Services of York Region

   §   Children’s Mental Health


   §   Child Care Operators

   §   Community Action Programs for Children (CAPC)

   §   Community Alliance for York Region Education (CAYRE)

   §   Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

   §   Early Years Development and Parenting Programs (AOK, PFLC’s)

   §   Home Child Care Association

   §   Infant Hearing Program

   §   Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS)

   §   Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS)

   §   Ministry of Education (MEDU)

   §   Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MHLTC)

   §   Ministry of Health Promotion (MHP)

   §   Nursery School Operators –

   §   Ontario Early Years Centres (OEY)

   §   Parents – Parent, family, community

   §   Preschool Autism

   §   Preschool Speech and Language Program

   §   Seneca College

   §   York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB)

   §   York Region Abuse Program (YRAP)

   §   York Region Addiction Services

   §   York Region Children’s Aid Society (CAS)

   §   York Region Community and Health Services

   §   York Region District School Board (YRDSB)

   §   York Region Early Intervention Services (EIS)

   §   York Region Libraries

   §   York Region Recreation  Association

   §   York Region Supervisors’ Association

   §   York Social Services Network


Appendix A



Guidelines for York Region Child & Family Collaborative (C&FC) Funding

Who should use this form?

Eligible organizations applying for one time funding up to a maximum of $1000.00, (or higher if a need is demonstrated), per year.

Who is Eligible?

Organizations and agencies which support professional development opportunities for the greater child care community including child care staff, care providers, and/or families



The C&FC places priority on supporting organizations that work in York Region


Assessment Criteria

We assess all organizations and their applications according to the following criteria to ensure fairness and accountability


Organizational Criteria

¨       Ability to carry out the proposal and to achieve desired results

¨       Ability to manage the requested funds and the resources needed


Application Criteria

¨       Clear, measurable benefits to the  early years  community 

¨       Community support in the form of volunteer time, contributions from other organizations, cash or in-kind support from corporate sponsors, individual donors, and the applicant 

¨       Support from people who are knowledgeable about the sector, the community and/or the proposal 

¨       Significant need for funding



¨       Applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting.

¨       Organizations may only have one funding request submitted in any calendar year

¨       Submit the questionnaire below and submit to the Chairs Committee for review.











1.  Please tell us about your organization?




2.  What is the purpose for this application?




3.  Please tell us in detail about the project you are requesting funding for?




4.  Who will benefit in the community?




5.  Approximately how many participants will it serve?




6.  Who are the other partners in this project?




7.  What is your budget for this project?




8.  Is this project unique or are there other agencies providing the same service?




9.  What are the desired outcomes or results from this project?




10. Is this a one time project? If not how will your organization sustain this project in the future?