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Spread the Word: International Parenting Survey

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

The International Parenting Survey – Canada (IPS-C) is a project which has the potential to enhance services for Ontario parents of children from two to 12 years old. Researchers from across Canada, headed by a team from the University of Ottawa are now conducting an online survey as part of an international initiative to collect and analyze data on the need for and preferences for parent support. The resulting regional and national reports can be used by service providers to support funding requests, assess current programs, advocate for new or expanded parenting services and promote policy change.


In order to get high participation levels, researchers are working in a fan-out fashion with regional and community partners who are willing to promote the survey. For every 100 participants per postal code (the first three letters of the person’s postal code are collected as part of the survey), a local report will be posted free-of-charge for everyone’s use on the PARTNER AGENCY website,

 Please help to promote this survey to colleagues, clients, friends and family in order to help collect great local data! Feel free to contact me for more information.

 The Survey

The on-line International Parent Survey-Canada has been developed to get input from parents just like you. The survey will ask you questions about your child’s behaviour your confidence in responding to problems your child experiences, and how you manage your child’s behaviour. The survey will also ask you about your preferences on how to get support in parenting. A few minutes of your time to respond to this survey will help organizations in your community design supports and programs to meet your needs and preferences.

 To complete the survey, go to:

Thank you for your consideration of the request to help promote the survey to all parents you know of two to 12 year olds and if you are a parent of a two to 12 year old please consider taking the time to complete the survey yourself.



Any questions or comments regarding the survey can be directed to:

Shawna Lee MA, BPA, RECE.C, IP
Co-ordinator, Triple P in York Region/
Manager, 0-6 Childrens Mental Health Community Services
Kinark Child and Family Services
24 Orchard Heights Blvd.
Aurora, ON.L4G 6T5

Phone: (905) 713-3509 ext. 3618